Thursday, May 14, 2009


As I mentioned earlier, I headed to Burbank to get Derek as he touchdowned back to the Southland. I have always been interested in the area where the airport is. Surrounding are many sound stages, old manufacturer type buildings and other random warehouses. I finally had some time and the opportunity to document that side popped up. With a soft breeze in the air, I wound up in Burbank timelessly.

The greatest thing about this area were all the telephone wires. I think they only add to the fixture of the buildings. Here, it casts a frame of ambiance that suits the subject perfectly. Waaaaavyyyyy.

NOTE TO READER: I did NOT enter that door.

An eclectic mix of textures fuses for this complex piece. I am happy I ran into this scene. The greenery grabbed my eye as soon as I stumbled upon this subject. So many synthesizing colors were already created in my view before I even clicked the shutter.

Good thoughts.

by kylewong.