Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Dear Reader,

As you may or may not know, this blog has gone through so many changes even I can't keep up with it. But it's so relevant. As my life changes, so does this. It may sound a little dumb (and nerdy), but this blog is my life. Literally. For the past year and five months, I have been taking you on a personal journey through my last year in college, personal stories, new work, my friends' lives and everything in between. I've shown you the good, the bad, the ugly, the rise and the fall.

I have a digital penpal by the name of Ricky- who I have grown quite close with over the past few weeks or so and he mentioned that this blog was getting boring (Gee, thanks Ricky). He liked the old commentary and expressed his interest in what I had to say. I told him I wanted the photos to speak for themselves and all that crap. What I really was doing was shying away from one of the things I love most, writing.

Also, you may notice that 'The Archives' are gone. Done. Obsolete. Smoked. Of course there is a reason for this. Those pictures sucked. Well, some of them. I wanted to start fresh with a brand new look. Sound. A new fashion. And this is just the right time to do so.

There is something definite about this blog however. Out of all the changes in the world.. I will never stop doing it. It's my life.

Thanks for sticking around.

by kylewong.