Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Flashback to yesterday, the motion picture will hit your screens tomorrow. Instead, you'll get this short clip that didn't make the final cut. I think you'll understand why..

Fast forward to today. Spur of the moment barbecues are fun. Actually, barbecues in general are fun. So when Derek and I thought of the idea to grill up some asada, it was a no brainer to fire up the old burner and dish out some tacos. Oh, only one problem, we had no asada. And the barbecue wouldn't catch fire. Great.

We headed to the local store and came out carnivore happy. To our surprise, our neighbors, Chris and Candi were headed to the store to pick up some dinner themselves. We made it a fiesta to share the rack and swop tacos. Chris lent a helping hand with the grill and "Castaway-ed" a fire. Candi also made homemade guacamole. And Spanish rice. We're all happy.

5 tacos later, we're off to plan this thing.


by kylewong.