Thursday, June 18, 2009


Aside from my family and those cute waitresses at the Marie Callender's in Sacramento, Jason is the only person I keep in contact with when back home. Seriously. No one else. I guess it
is true when they say "your kind" likes to stick together.

This past weekend, Jason reminded me how great it is to just be yourself. No matter what, Jason has had that same"
I-Don't-Give-A-Hoot" attitude since we first met over 6 years ago. I can honestly say I have no friends that do things just to do- for the sake of doing it. Care-free but disciplined. Funny but smart. Entertaining but serious. He taught me just to have fun- but to always take care of business first. One of the truest and realest people I have ever come across. He may not know this, but he has deeply impacted my life and the way I choose to live for the now, always.

So I guess this is why we still remain friends over all these years.

by kylewong.