Monday, June 15, 2009


Saturday Night, Sacramento held it's Monthly Art Walk. My Dad informed me of the event a week before it was to happen and asked if I would be interested. Free art? Always down.

As you can see, swarms of people came by for the guided tours to three different locations. The three establishments are open domains aside from the self-guided galleries and studios close by. These are just a way to get "acquainted" with Sacramento art and artists not being shown in galleries.

Split up into groups of about 20, the guide gives you personal information on the artist, the spaces and other little facts on Sacramento. One, I've never stepped into this building until now. The Sacramento Convention Center is really a beautiful place.

A break dancing session broke loose soon after this picture was taken.

One of the most introspective pieces I've ever come across. You'll see the sculpture in it's round form in the video below (along with a few other pieces)..

Part 2 coming up very soon. Let me catch my breath.

(I bet you didn't know that was my mother in that picture above..)

by kylewong.