Monday, July 20, 2009


On Friday, I chopped it up with Nicole over dinner at Bamboo Restaurant in Los Angeles. For those that don't know, Bamboo serves Caribbean food. Yeah, my first time too..

It was.. different. Quite possibly my new favorite exotic thing besides Nicoles' shirt.

Stop staring. Nicole than took me to Downtown Culver City for gelato at this crazy circus of a place. I don't have any pictures because I literally dripped of cappuccino and peanut butter gelato on my face to my hands to my camera. Don't ask.

Also made a stop to show me where she works as a studio manager at Lightspace Studio. It was 10 'o clock at night. She has keys..

Oh, Nicole is pretty new to L.A. so everybody go to her (HUGE) new 2 bedroom (!!!) apartment in "The Valley" and trash um.. crash. tell her to let me move in.

by kylewong.