Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I never realized I had so many prints laying around back home. Just looking at them takes me back to a few years ago when I was knee deep in developer and struggling to find my way through a pitch black darkroom.

I immediately fell back in love with the whole process it took to produce these prints. Hours on in and all through the night, my friends and I would spend time dodging and burning, trying to get that perfect print. Each print is unique because you'll probably never achieve the same look from the next. You can go through a box of paper and still not be satisfied. I personally once went through a 100 sheet box on one image and left the labs unhappy. There comes a time when you just slap yourself silly and pick your personal favorite. Than you have a stack full of useless prints to use as a blog post 4 years later.

Lake Tahoe. Everyone knows my weird obsession with this place. I keep telling people I'm going to retire there when I'm old and wrinkly. I might even take up fly-fishing.

I shot this as my first assignment ever at Brooks for "A Day in the Life of Santa Barbara". Adrienne and I were like Bonnie & Clyde the first few sessions. I look at this portrait as the beginning of a lasting friendship. Too bad I had no clue what filters were at the time and the contrast seriously kicks dust.

Another from "A Day in the Life..."

If you've been to the Palace of Kyle in Santa Barbara (and you clogged up my toilet), you saw this hanging in the bathroom.

Apps and I became best friends before he left back home to India for family issues. I don't remember why I shot this or if it was even for an assignment but I still like it. I think we were just talking one day before class and I snapped this.

Remember 4 x 5 film?! Nowadays, kids look at this like it's the original Deceleration of Independence or something.

I remember shooting this for my "Lighting Studio" class for a personal assignment. I could have shot the cologne bottle by itself but you know me. I gave it that signature twist people hate me for. I placed a condom with it to pair and conceptualize the sexiness of the man's scent. Like wearing the cologne is like a sexual icon.

Too many of these..

Derek looks utterly impressed (or disgusted) at his print for one of my final projects in my "Lighting People" class. His shot was probably one of my favorites from the whole portfolio not just for the image, but for the story behind the scenes of the creation.

Derek is throwing up behind that print.

by kylewong.