Friday, September 4, 2009


As we all know, California is broke. If you didn't know that, you must either be really rich or you must live in Gotham City where everyone lives in a fantasy land full of clowns and super heroes.

The Governator had this HUGE garage sale last Friday and Saturday to pay back the billions (and billions x 5) of dollars of state debt. They had everything from computers to cell phones to throwback prison shirts and shoes. Derek spotted a leather gun holder. Mom found these old tree branch cutters. I found like, one Apple keyboard. Anyways, we got there at 7.30a.m. and there was already about 1,000 people in front of us. Literally. We didn't expect so many people to be there so far ahead of time. I guess people thought they would be handing out free soup and porridge.

The media was looking for Arnie.

By the time we got in (which was surprisingly fast), everything we had our eyes on was already sold out and daddy long gone. Here is just a few random things you could imagine people grabbing like it's The Great Depression.

Saving the good news for last!! DEREK WON A TRUCK!!* and Mr. "Caleeforneah" stopped by. People threw tomatoes at him.

by kylewong.