Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hi. New splash page(s). I don't know why but I feel it's so necessary to keep them rotating on a monthly basis.

When I tell people my site, I usually direct them here since it's updated more than my online gallery which is almost strictly for professional use only. Having to say is just too far stretched. Oh, and speaking of websites.. I was talking to a friend about my 3rd version and it's tentatively scheduled for a 2010 Summer release.. Which seems like light-years away but it's gonna be like nothing you've seen from the first 2 drops. I'm pretty stoked as it's already in production (I've probably changed it more than 3 times already)..

So what I'm saying in this post is:
A) Check the new splash pages HERE.
B) Have a look at V.2 of my online gallery HERE.
C) Next summer is going to be AMAZING.

by kylewong.