Saturday, May 1, 2010


Haven't seen Danny in over a year and a half since we graduated together at Brooks. He seems to be doing just fine in New York; settling in Williamsburg; assisting; applying for other jobs (fingers crossed); and growing his hair out. Dude, cut that mop.

Oh yeah, Laura makes her first appearance here as well. I tried sneaking a picture in earlier but she's been too busy at work to come out and play. I'm sure I'll get another one in there again before we leave her place. Laura hates to admit that Derek and I are the best roommates ever.

So we had dinner at this place, DuMont in Williamsburg that served the best mac 'n cheese that I've ever had. Think Mom's homemade dish on steroids. Like Barry Bond's roids. That's how good they were.

by kyle wong