Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm going to say that this year was one of the best birthdays in awhile. Besides my 21st.. well, the half that I do remember..

Breakfast was on Denny's. That was good. Lunch at work was on my boss, Lexi (Nickel Diner downtown.. Chocolate cake with peanut butter, whipped cream and crumbled POTATO CHIPS? Yes freakin' please.). That was amazing. And dinner was on Red Robin. That was extraordinary. I only paid about 10 dollars total for all 3 meals for drinks and tips. We win.

So I borrowed Derek's camera for this quick shot at Red Robin. Wish I had mine for the other 2 meals but who cares. I got free food and you didn't. Happy Birthday to us, suckers!

by kyle wong

Oh, you should check out Derek's latest blog post on his site for something incredible that definitely beats free eats.