Monday, June 22, 2009


It seems like every 2 months, a new flower has bloomed and thrown into the real world. That was a weak metaphor for: My friends keep graduating and now we're all bums looking for jobs. Sunday, Ryan finally graduated College at Brooks Institute of Photography. I made the drive early Sunday to catch the vibes.


Eh, I don't feel like talking much. I'm tired. But a VERY SPECIAL CONGRATS TO A VERY GOOD FRIEND AND VERY TALL GUY, Ryan.

Pitt's Whitepants. Hammertime.

Ah. Tradition.

Ryan, Chris, Dana (*drool*). For Dana that is.. (Chris sucks! ;P)

Best Buds. Ryan and Art. Art drove down from Modesto to see Ryan graduate and to help him pack up the goods. Now that's true brotherhood.

The Addams Family. The Ostorero Family.

After at "The Playhouse"..

My fair ladies..

by kylewong.