Friday, July 10, 2009


Space 15 Twenty. Hollywood, California. Clayton Patterson's "Captured".

Last night, I headed to Hollywood to catch a special screening for the West Coast premiere of Clayton Patterson's new film, "Captured" presented by ALIFE. Let me tell you, it was bananas. Patterson takes you on a crime filled, dirty, all-out riot documentary from the late 70's with over 4 hours of footage and literally hundreds of thousands of pictures shot within the course of 20 years to this very day.

It touched on subjects from the underground punk scene in the Lower East Side of New York City, the cop riots of Tompkins Square Park and even a brief catch on September 11th's Twin Towers terrorist attack. Patterson goes knee deep into each scene giving you the raw and uncut versions of what he caught on tape.

Oh yeah, Clayton Patterson was arrested over 13 times for "violating" privacy rights of the NYPD and trespassing during the riots and other events as an advocate for free speech. This film shows the brutality from the NYPD, the uncoverings of his court dates and the trials and tribulations Patterson faced during these times.

Check HERE for the trailer and more information about "Captured".

by kylewong.