Thursday, August 13, 2009


Yesterday, my friend Raychel Hessler asked if I would like to join a little art blog, "Our Weekly Photo". It's a sweet group because, 1. I know most of the members through school. And 2. We all pretty much own it. One of the greatest features that drew me in about the group is the current state of our locations. We are pretty much scattered around the nation posting about a specific theme for the week. From New York to Los Angeles, it all comes together through a viral community showing the perspectives into each of our lives.

Posting about this group got me thinking.. I share my art through a bunch of different blogs and sites. Maybe too many. I sometimes post to one more than others but it's all the same. I love it. So here is a rundown of where you can find me on this www thing.

1. Our Weekly Photo - Like I mentioned, a photography based program focusing on a specified theme discussed through email. Remember when you had to actually write letters to people to communicate? That's kinda like how we're doing it. But typing instead of writing. And it's faster. And better. Anyways, I just added my first couple to catch up with for Week 4's theme: Nostalgia. I'm excited to be starting this new one..

2. Design Giant - Similar to 'Our Weekly Photo' and vice versa, it's a themed program with a "Word of the Day" twist. Ranging from memories to hero to domination, there is always something to post here. I love the group because of the versatility in medias used. Painters, illustrators and photographers (me) alike join together to share one cohesive exposition.

3. the museum - I'm just trying to up the status of Ricky and his blog. He hasn't posted in awhile so go bug him about it. Tell him he sucks.

4. flickr - Photos not always making it to this blog will essentially hit flickr. Also, if I post a mass group of recent photography here, I usually point a flick or 2 there to let them know to catch the full thingy on this guy. So check that every now and then for images you won't see anywhere else. Unless you steal my hard drive in which you will be very, very satisfied.

5. The Good Stay Alone - This one. By far, the greatest thing to hit the blogosphere. No, I'm kidding. No, I'm not.

*Bonus. Twitter - I'm finally getting used to this whole Twitter thing. It's awesome. People are getting my jokes and responding (somewhat). I don't like to flood my Facebook with corniness (too late) as I plug my blog through there so Twitter is just a way to post my thoughts and happenings outside my blog world. I like to keep my Twitter light and entertaining. Besides, my friends on Facebook are too serious and too smart to get my senseless jokes.

by kylewong.