Saturday, August 15, 2009


Finally, the line. zine website is up and running. It was actually a school assignment Derek had to complete so we knocked out an official site to go along with the blog they run as well. I ran the technics while Derek touched the design aspects of the site. I also directed and shot the bio pics in which you'll have to check on the site (Expect a few more here a little later...).

Let me explain what I'm even talking about. You're probably reading blah-blah-blah. Derek and a friend, Colton Corry started a little publication called, line. It's a small little magazine (zine, get it?) consisting of illustration, graphic design and photography. All 50 issues sold out in 4 days. Also, it's currently in the works to be featured in a few shops here in Los Angeles for sale. If you missed out, you're too late. But don't fret. Sometime next month, they will be dropping Issue #2 in the mix for you. Be sure to keep up with the blog HERE as Derek blabbers more than this post does.

Again, check the website
HERE and catch up with the blog HERE.

by kylewong.