Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was talking to Misty last night and I told her I had nothing new to blog about. She suggested an iChat post. Sooooo.. here it is!! Misty is currently in San Francisco on a photo internship. If I had a magical broom, I would zoom there right now but unfortunately, I can't. So this will do for now.

Oh, and how about a quick Q&A to go along with it? Because I know you want to hear all about Misty. And get inside her mind. And see Misty. Because I know you love that.

Me: First off, how is living in San Francisco so far? Catch any bum fights lately?

Misty: It is sooo good!! God is really do amazing things here, I love it!! No I haven't seen any bum fights but I did see a Mexican fight in Mission the other day, so intense.

Me: Mexican fight? Mexican food sounds so good right now.
Misty: Haha, You're a dork. But yes, Mexican food sounds amazing.

Me: What do you usually get at a Mexican restaurant?
Misty: BURRITOOOO, what do you get?
Me: I'm an enchilada kind of guy, 1 carne asada and 1 carnitas.

*Pause interview as Misty talks on the phone*

Me: OK, You're talking on the phone while we're doing this interview. Call that rude?!?! What's the rudest thing someone's said to you?
Misty: When someone says the Lord's name in vain or blasphemes God! Oh man, is it rude! Like hurts me to the core!

Me: Ew, someone needs to be struck by thunder. What's your ideal peanut butter fantasy?
Misty: What kind of question is that? Um, it would be peanut butter on toast all melted and yummy by a warm fire.

Me: Good answer. Sounds like a date, really. Who would you like to sit by a fire with?
Misty: My husband!!

Me: Who's your husband?
Misty: Um, well, I can't say that. (Editor's Note: It's me)

Me: Fair enough. What do you look for in a good husband?
Misty: He must LOVE Jesus Christ with all his heart and lives for Christ and Christ alone. Good looks are always a bonus. LOL. Funny, outgoing, sweet, protective. (Editor's Note: Me)

Me: So he doesnt have to cook well? I'm in.
Misty: Haha, Yes, I would love that.

Me: Good. Any last words?
Misty: I LOVE YOU!!! You rock my socks.

Me: I love you too! But what kind of socks?
Misty: Haha, Black ones with purple polka dots.

Me: You're weird.

by kylewong.