Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm trying to gather images together as I am gearing up for two shows coming up in October. I'm seeing all these old images on my hard drive that have me back on Memory Lane. I learned I have this infatuation with telephone wires, flowers and walls. I even found a stunning picture of some fresh wet dog crap (SERIOUSLY).

I ventured into a folder labeled, "Misc" and found it. My first picture ever. Like ever, ever. I shot this back in '05 with a disposable camera at the California State Fair in Sacramento. It was my last summer before taking off to Santa Barbara for college and I remember it was really, really hot.

You're probably thinking, "You've only been shooting for 4 years?". Um, yeah. I don't have a Cinderella story about shooting since I was 2 years old or getting a camera in a cereal box. I only just begun shooting shortly before my departure in a world of education, fascination and reverence. Being in this position has taught me value to never forget where it all started. It all began somewhere within the depths of our past (and future). So to this day, I still treat every image as it's my first and last shot.

Let the show begin..

by kylewong.

*Notice the old logo Derek made me 3 years back..