Wednesday, March 31, 2010


(These photos almost didn't make it.. seriously.)

Monday night, I headed to Sherman Oaks/Cheesecake Factory for a get-together for Rachel's "I'm-here-to-visit-California-again-but-going-back-home-to-Michigan-dinner". Always good to catch up with old friends and gather once again to share what's going on in our lives' current times. It's safe to say that I have some great friends to share this future with. Speaking of future..

..I'm sure you remember Lily (the one in the stroller, smart guy) with Rachel.. Almost as big as me. Acts older than me though..

Ada and Justin (Someone tell Justin to update that blog!!).

Soon, Adriane (right) is moving to Alaska for 6 months. California sunshine or Alaskan igloos? Hmmm.. Also, mad love for my big sis, Julianne on the left.

Annabel creeping Lily out as she does all little kids she comes in contact with.

Video soon to follow. I'm going bananas over here.. *Ba-doon-pissshhh*

Hey, one more doesn't hurt.

by kyle wong